Ringgz is a fast-paced arcade game, borrowing inspiration from classic Brick Breakers.

There is a twist though: the bricks are disposed in circles and keep coming as older ones are destroyed.

To add additional challenge, there’s a color sequence mini-game when breaking colored blocks. With lots of power-ups, power downs and special events (like ball slides and ping-pongs).

Ringgz has a vibrant color style combining explosions, smooth animations and techno music, delivering an energizing and visual gameplay experience.




“Ringgz is an interesting and addictive twist on a classic brick breaker game that you’ll find to completely absorb your time."


“The Ringgz Android Brick Breaker game puts its own spin on the classic “Arkanoid” game with a slick game concept, a hint of humor, and tricky game rules that all combine for an enjoyable casual game experience."


“Ringgz is by far one of the best free new games on Google Play offering an interesting and very addictive take on classic brick breaking games. This game poses a risk of consuming your productive hours if you dare to download it during work."

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